He wasn’t around for the MAJORITY of this young woman’s life…but now he wants to come to his daughter’s graduation party…at his EX’S HOUSE! Should he be allowed to come?!? If it were YOUR CHILD…would you let him come?!?

Teddy bears…things from your dead relatives…love letters from an ex?!? What do YOU have that for some reason…you just can’t let go and get rid of?!?

Follow @RachelBogle I thought it was time to take this whole “F*ckboy* movement into my own hands… Sooo, damn near everyone has been posting and reposting these viral videos of [typically] DUDES trying to talk about the tell-tale signs of F*ckboy-ness. Which is great… I guess. HOWEVER, I have a slight issue with dudes being the one’s […]

Follow @RachelBogle Well this looks pretty scandalous…. Remember Mindy Mann? Probably not, right? Well, you might not know her by name but you are PROBABLY familiar with the story of the nanny who broke up Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale’s marriage. And Gwen found out thanks to her OTHER nanny, obviously her ride-or-die nanny, who […]


Follow @RachelBogle Cuffing season is almost over, so you’re gonna need this:


Follow @RachelBogle Don’t lie: we’ve all done it. A little curiosity leads to creeping around on the ex’s social media and usually ends about 53 weeks deep on his new GF’s IG wondering how you got there and why you just ate 2 boxes of Russell Stover’s. It’s ok… this video will make you feel […]


Follow @RachelBogle Crazy exes make the world go ’round… And we all have a little crazy ex inside of us, which is what makes this video of “Crazy Ex Confessions” so awesome. Enjoy!

Follow @RachelBogle Single bellssssss, single bellsssssss, single all the wayyyyyyy! I’m single, you’re probably single [since you are reading this, after all…] and thanks to this epic no-filter list from Elite Daily, none of us have to feel bad about our singleness. Because we are actually winning at life. And that’s pretty bueno… Here are […]


Follow @RachelBogle There’s two types of couples this time of year: The ones who are trying to lock down some winter booty and embark on “Cuffing Season” and THEN there’s those who have been dating for a few months and break up right before the holidays. But why? Say no more, just watch:

Follow @RachelBogle This FOR SURE has happened to me…but I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure I mayyyy or may not have been guilty of doing it myself as well. Whether it’s in a relationship or just a friendship, “Ghosting” happens all the time. It’s probably happened to you but you likely had no idea there […]

Follow @RachelBogle Summer is the one time of year where becoming single is actually a bit more common. Hello “Single Summer” anyone? And what better reason to become a summertime Single Soldier than when you realize your significant other—-well….sucks. But how do you know for sure? Well, I ran across this on Elite Daily and […]