To be honest, I didn't know she was dating anyone! HAHA!!

A judge in Los Angeles ordered Sofia Vergara to pay her ex Nicholas Loeb nearly $80,000… in their legal battle over her frozen embryos.   A judge in LA has ordered Sofia Vergara to pay her ex nearly 80 grand in their legal battle over her frozen embryos. The judge ruled that she has to pay […]

He wasn’t around for the MAJORITY of this young woman’s life…but now he wants to come to his daughter’s graduation party…at his EX’S HOUSE! Should he be allowed to come?!? If it were YOUR CHILD…would you let him come?!?

Teddy bears…things from your dead relatives…love letters from an ex?!? What do YOU have that for some reason…you just can’t let go and get rid of?!?

Amber Rose is known for talking openly about her sex life, but she may have spilled a little too much tea for her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa's liking.

Follow @RachelBogle I thought it was time to take this whole “F*ckboy* movement into my own hands… Sooo, damn near everyone has been posting and reposting these viral videos of [typically] DUDES trying to talk about the tell-tale signs of F*ckboy-ness. Which is great… I guess. HOWEVER, I have a slight issue with dudes being the one’s […]


Follow @RachelBogle Cuffing season is almost over, so you’re gonna need this:


Follow @RachelBogle It’s pretty common for people to call their exes “crazy,” whether or not they actually ARE. Well…THIS girl for real might be the queen of the United States Of Crazy Exes. A man from Boston literally filmed as his ex girlfriend tried to KILL HIM by running him over with a car… and […]


Follow @RachelBogle Crazy exes make the world go ’round… And we all have a little crazy ex inside of us, which is what makes this video of “Crazy Ex Confessions” so awesome. Enjoy!

Follow @RachelBogle Single bellssssss, single bellsssssss, single all the wayyyyyyy! I’m single, you’re probably single [since you are reading this, after all…] and thanks to this epic no-filter list from Elite Daily, none of us have to feel bad about our singleness. Because we are actually winning at life. And that’s pretty bueno… Here are […]


Follow @RachelBogle There’s two types of couples this time of year: The ones who are trying to lock down some winter booty and embark on “Cuffing Season” and THEN there’s those who have been dating for a few months and break up right before the holidays. But why? Say no more, just watch:

Follow @RachelBogle Breakups are awkward enough as it is without having 100 people text you asking “Are you ok?” and “What happened?” after you change your relationship status back to single. So FINALLY, Facebook is coming to help.  Apparently Zuckerberg and his homies understand our pain, so now Facebook is testing out a new tool  to help […]