Dummy of The Day

These Employees Found Out The Hard Way That Gasoline and Incense Dont' Mix...

  A lady named Pamela in Florida woke up to some bad news. Her husband wanted a Divorce after 9 years of marriage. Pamela didn’t take the news well. She went to her room and grabbed a Taser and shocked her lover multiple times. Police were call and Pamela went to jail. (Click Here For […]

If you don't get invited to a party punching that person probably won't help...

This is why I don't like making out

A drivers ed teacher was busted driving drunk while teaching a student how to drive in Germantown, Wisconsin. The instructor got busted after he backed into a gate which hit the the schools principal. Police were called and when the did a breathalyzer the instructor’s Blood Alcohol was three times the legal limit. He was […]

Joe Got A Coffee Mug For Christmas And Said It's The Best Gift He Ever Received

I'll be honest I'm not the greatest driver in the world but I would never do what this guy did

A Louisiana man was arrested after stealing an electric powered shopping cart

If you're going to lie to police about your name, You should probably make sure it's not tattooed on your neck. 

A dude in New Jersey started contacting local farms last year asking for permission to hook up with their cow and horses. And when they all turned him down he put metal spikes in their driveways to pop their tires. He was finally arrested last week and he’s facing several charges. Click here for more 

A 70 year old woman is the last person you would suspect to be cheating at a game of Bingo at Church but that's exactly what happened.