Follow @RachelBogle F*ckboys are everywhere. Like pollen…or grass. Or on stage at a Justin Bieber concert… But like the poet Meek Mills once said: “There’s levels to this sh*t.” So, you can be all f*ckboy or just a liiiiiittle bit f*ckboy. But the only way to find out what PERCENT f*ckboy you are…is to take […]

Follow @RachelBogle In the words of Bill Nye: “Science Rules!” Sooo, I don’t exactly know what sort of scientific measuring method went into determining this list, but it’s pretty fantastic either way. Get ready ladies! Either you’re about to take a sigh of RELIEF that your man’s name isn’t on here OR immediately start shaking […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // Well this is interesting, and I’m going to paste the link of the email exactly how I found it online, so if there’s some typos, it’s directly from the source of the original email. This guy finds out that his Girlfriend has a little side action going on, and decides to let her […]

For all of you that want a good laugh or just not partaking in this love fest known as Valentines Day. I’ve put up a few winning poems from my close friend “D-Bag Jackson”…Enjoy! Roses are Red Asphalt is Black I’m watching your diet Cause your mom is real fat I spent over one hundred […]

The video explains it all.  Perez, thanks for the gossip on your site, great info we can use to talk about on the air – but come on dude! The Ancor calls him a “Talentless dope” who can come back “When Hell Freezes Over” …oh my!  Worth the watch…lol