The day after Corey Haim’s family solicited donations from the late actor’s fans to fund his burial, a Minnesota-based celebrity memorabilia Web site has announced they will provide $20,000 to cover the costs. A representative from Startifacts confirms to that the company will donate proceeds from their Haim-related auctions to help defray burial costs, […]

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So sad and I hope no one is next but the saying death comes in 3s always proves its-self, sad face. RIP Brittany Murphy. . . . . The 32-year-old actress went into full cardiac arrest early Sunday morning following a 911 call from her husband, Simon Monjack, Variety reports. The star was pronounced dead […]

A woman has admitted burying a doll in a coffin in order to dupe her partner into believing she had been pregnant. Internal Affairs called police about six weeks ago after getting a request for birth and death certificates for a dead baby, the Manukau Courier reported. “They came to us because there was no […]

Article via our pals at Khloe & Lamar Show Their Love With Ink! No, not with a marriage license! People, please! There is a process! First, you throw a televised ceremony. Then, you argue over pre-nup arrangements. Then, you get tattoos proclaiming your love and THEN, you can make it official. Hope all you […]