A source says, “Now Drake has told her he loves her – and that he wants her to move in with him! She’s telling pals that she’s decided to just go for it and give their romance a serious try. These days she’s all about Drake. Everyone is breathing a huge sigh of relief.” SOURCE […]

The National Enquirer claims Whitney Houston is out of rehab and dating Transformers star Tyrese Gibson. The two met at a party and have been “quietly dating” ever since. Whitney reportedly made the first move and asked Tyrese out. Gibson denies the story. He Tweeted: “Negative blogs, press, blurbs, people spreading negative things. Rumors. I […]

  Usher says he’s dating again. “Companionship is important — every man should have a woman to make him better. I’m dating at the moment — not anyone in particular, but I have a few people I’m interested in. Rihanna is beautiful. But she’s not necessarily on my hit list — she’s like my sister […]

So Rachel joined this dating website called and every once in a while we like to embarass her and the men that send her personal messages. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but she’s chosen not to keep any of them…yet.

According to, the two were seen together at Submercer Nightclub in NYC on Wednesday (June 8th) at Kanye’s birthday party. Eyewitnesses claimed that the two were kissing. According to The New York Post, last week, Kanye was also spotted having dinner at the Mercer Hotel with Victoria’s Secret model Chanel reported that Kanye […]


According to The New York Post, Rihanna was spotted partying with the TV and radio DJ at East Village’s La Vie Lounge on Tuesday night (May 4th). A source said the two were seen grinding “till the lights came up at 4 am.” The source said that the two declined a VIP table to be […]

After splitting in early December, rumor has it that Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Matt Kemp are dating again.Kemp was recently interviewed on 710ESPN Los Angeles the other day where he was asked about Rihanna. He answered in present tense..”Ri is a great person, a great motivator, somebody that I love dearly and she help me to […]

So Cosmopolitan Magazine, aka every woman’s secondary Bible published an article regarding a recent study (–click in for article–) that found insecure people are more desirable and better at dating, my first thought was, No way in hell. As Cosmo editors, we interview tons of relationship experts, authors, and real guys, and never once has anyone told us […]


No joke: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent are dating, a source confirms to The unexpected pair were photographed looking romantic at a New Orleans bar on Sunday. “It’s been going on awhile,” the source says of the comedienne and the rapper, both 35. “It’s more of a hookup thing — whenever they are in […]

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50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night … and by the way they got up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors. TMZ has obtained a photo of the two of them at the Blue Nile jazz bar in New […]

Well fellas it’s time for that tear filled moment of silence we never wanted to make. It appears that reality start and one of God’s most gorgeous creations, Kim Kardashian is back Off The Market again! She is reportedly dating Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys. Seems like football is the way to go if […]