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Follow @RachelBogle Well, that went from zero to bae real quick….     Credit:


Follow @RachelBogle I’m not gonna lie, my Twitter “favorites” is FULL of random Cosmo magazine links to relationship/beauty/and sex advice. Hello, that’s why Cosmo is every woman’s holy grail. BUT… I’m also gonna keep it 100% when I say I also don’t really have the balls to try half of their crazy advice, which MIGHT […]


Follow @RachelBogle Let’s be honest ladies, somewhere deep down you really wonder what guys really think during a break-up. Well, wonder no more! This should be interesting… Credit:  

Do you have a crush, but aren’t quite sure if he likes you back? Well 22-year-old vlogger Connor Franta will help you figure it out. Watch the video below:

Follow @Rachelbogle Guess who’s the only girl in her family NOT bringing home a dude for Thanksgiving dinner? THIS ONEEEEEE! Whatevs, more pumpkin pie for me… Anyway, if it makes you feel better [cuz it does for me] lets all revel in this together:   “The 21 Reasons Why You’re F*ckin’ SINGLEEEEEE For The Holidays” […]

Follow @Rachelbogle BULLSEYEEEEE! Yep, I saw this and said to myself “OHMUHGERD THIS IS SOOOO ME” soooo…. I decided that I had a duty to share it with my fellow sarcastic ladies out there who are forever doomed when it comes to the love game….just like me. Here we go… One of our biggest personality deficits as […]

Follow @rachelbogle I ran across this column by some of my favorite bloggers (who go by “2NOTBrokeGirls“) this morning on one of my favorite girly sites (Total Sorority Move) and had to share. We have ALL been through this, ladies. Whether it was a guy from your past, a guy you might be dealing with […]

Follow @rachelbogle This is for all the singles out there, because lets face it….in the words of Drake— “You knowwww you knowww you knowwwww” “18 Struggles Every Single Friend Will Understand” 1. You’re always the designated photographer of the happy couple. Whether you like it or not. 2. Your friends constantly ask you for relationship […]

Meeting at a bar on Instagram. Meeting at a bar in real life.  Grabbing drinks on Instagram. Grabbing drinks in real life. Having chemistry on Instagram. Having chemistry in real life. Setting a date on Instagram. Setting a date in real life.  Buying a new outfit on Instagram. Buying a new outfit in real life. […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // We’ve all been there… Waiting by the phone or checking it constantly, waiting on our crush to text us back…. Sometimes the wait is unbearable, Well Check out the 101 logical reasons your crush hasn’t texted you back! Check out the list here!!

Follow @rachelbogle All the single ladies, put your hands up! Being single is both a blessing and a curse, and nothing sums up that point like this: “25 Things That Happen When You’re Single”   1. People will try to set you up. 2. So you’ll go on a date because your friend *promised* that […]

Follow @rachelbogle Ladies all over my social media newsfeed have been going HAM over this amazing article by Erica Gordon on Elite Daily, so naturally, I HAD to share! Seriously, as I read it, all I could think of were praise hands emojis….everyyyyywhereeee.  Haha! Preach on girllllll. “How Accepting The Hook-Up Culture Is Getting 20-Somethings […]