daft punk

It’s a sad day in the music industry.  Legendary EDM duo Daft Punk announced their breakup today after 28 years together. They have been icons and pioneers for EDM music and have provided us with timeless jams like “One More Time”, “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams and “Starboy” with The Weeknd.  They have this ability […]

Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, has dropped the first single from his forthcoming project.

While you were busy living your life, Pharrell Williams was out here having the best year ever. After collecting a few Grammys and being nominated…

Follow @rachelbogle   Daft Punk were the biggest winners of the night on the Grammy’s this past weekend, not that they made their own acceptance speeches (Pharrell Williams did) because…obvi…they rock robot helmets and never speak. But have you ever wondered who the mystery Frenchmen are behind those creepy helmets who make crazy awesome music? Well, […]

Oh, Taylor.  We’ve all seen her, “Oh my God I’m so surprised face.”  Well last night it was in full effect, but for the wrong reasons.  It was time to introduce the Grammy winner for the ‘Album of the Year’ and somehow Taylor initially thought it went to her and not ‘Daft Punk.’  Look at […]

Follow @stickontheradio on twitter & instagram! Video of the day comes to us from a star studded auction last week in NYC.  Check out Bono slaying Get Lucky! Watch it below!  

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit DWTS on ABC isn’t really my thing, but when I heard Bill Nye The Science Guy did ‘Get Lucky’  I had to check it out for myself.  You can see it below. Not bad for a guy who tore 80% of his quad and wasn’t supposed to perform! […]

Is that a shot in her hand? Maybe it was a prop…but Florence from Florence & The Machine gets on stage and kills Daft Punk “Get Lucky” you can see the video below!!

Watch this cut up of Barack Obama singing Daft Punk’s, ‘Get Lucky!’ How do you find the time to find all these words to put them together? Either way, we’re thankful for it! Watch below:

THIS is how you know a song is HUGE! When parodies are made of it. Grover CRUSHES Get Lucky originally performed by Daft Punk…check this out!!        

You know how it is. You’re in traffic. Your jam plays. Problem: Dancing with your seatbelt on is tough. This cab driver and lady friend had a better idea.    

Daft Punk is back! One of the biggest songs in the city right now is their newest single “Get Lucky”. Well someone has taken the song and made it into a few different versions. It’s called “Evolution of Get Lucky”, which is basically the song “Done over the years” according to sources. Check out the […]