creepy guys

Follow @rachelbogle Getting ready for a night out with the girls? Well, you’re probably gonna need some of these. “27 Things To Say When You Want To Escape From Being Hit On” And here we go… 1. I just discovered an irregular mole in my armpit and I just don’t think I’m ready to enter […]


Follow @rachelbogle Ladies, lets be honest: there’s nothing more annoying while you ‘re enjoy a girls night out and some sketchy dude starts cat-calling you with the most cringe-worthy lines ever. Just, ewww… But imagine a world where we could turn the tables and give these dudes a taste of their own medicine? It might go […]

Follow @CrashRadioNOW // All I’m sayin is, this is list is pretty accurate! There’s just certain things that you can’t whisper to someone when giving them a hug. According to the people that made the list, #11 is the creepiest one….  Check it out! And it gets BETTER!  The 29 Most AWKWARD Family pics here!!! […]


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