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Follow @RachelBogle It’s pretty common for people to call their exes “crazy,” whether or not they actually ARE. Well…THIS girl for real might be the queen of the United States Of Crazy Exes. A man from Boston literally filmed as his ex girlfriend tried to KILL HIM by running him over with a car… and […]


Follow @RachelBogle Crazy exes make the world go ’round… And we all have a little crazy ex inside of us, which is what makes this video of “Crazy Ex Confessions” so awesome. Enjoy!

Follow @RachelBogle In the words of Bill Nye: “Science Rules!” Sooo, I don’t exactly know what sort of scientific measuring method went into determining this list, but it’s pretty fantastic either way. Get ready ladies! Either you’re about to take a sigh of RELIEF that your man’s name isn’t on here OR immediately start shaking […]