Follow @carusoonair // Happen just to be curisin through youtube and saw that Rihanna’s song Birthday Cake had a little remix to it and was redone by Miss Selena Gomez…And i sit here and wonder, why did Bieber even end this with her….Enjoy!

Follow @carusoonair // Well, since we already know that Miley can “Twerk it” but can she follow through on her realize of her new album that is set to com out Oct. 8th…she tweeted about it earlier today but if you have been stalking her and all her new trends then you already knew that…But […]

Follow @carusoonair // Two of my favorite things in the world, Yes i mean Miley Cyrus and Shark Week….i mean its not like i want Miley to be eaten by a shark or anything… but anyways this is a funny parody of her latest single “We Can’t Stop” mixed in with a little Sharkness…Enjoy

Follow @carusoonair // The picture below is what I imagine Taylor Swift’s reaction when she is on her computer, and happens to Google herself…   I’m afraid of spiders and snakes and I’m not even embarrassed to let the world know that…i probably should be more worried about other things like Taylor Swift. She, on […]

Follow @carusoonair // So this guy from California, Gregory Kloehn, is a proud dumpster dweller…yes you read that correctly, he is proud and said to be “livin’ the dream”. I don’t know for sure what dream that is but i bet rent and utilities can’t be too much… You have to check out the whole […]

Follow @carusoonair // Everyone has seen or maybe even been apart of a flash mob, but have you seen a flash mob with this much time and effort?! It would be the perfect video to  Ellie Goulding’s song “Lights”

I’ve always  wondered where singers got their awesome, or maybe not so normal names for their alter egos… I came across this story that showed 50 artist/singers what their real and stage names were… For example, Ben Haggerty and Robyn Fenty are two of the biggest singers in today’s world of Pop Music…and if you […]

So after becoming a statistic or a percentage of people who injure themselves on the 4th of July due to fireworks, I saw some bitter sweet failures of my own of other people’s videos….   Besides burning a hole in my shorts and becoming deaf for about 17 minutes, I still have 10 fingers and […]

So Miley came out in an interview saying she believed she might have been, rapper Lil Kim in a past life? Ya i’m asking myself the same thing…..”wait, what did she just say?!” I don’t know exactly where she came up with this or what is running through her head but hey, you can dream […]

Congrats to Kim K and Kanye West on the birth to their new baby but…. the real story here is what Taylor Swift had to tweet to the new parents…     Score 1 for Taylor, you go girl!   check out more on this story

Show of hands, who hates waking up in the morning? So all of you…that is what i assumed but i read this little picture below and it showed some awesome tips on how to sleep better and even be a better morning person. Check it out and see what you might need to do or […]

It is that time yet again to get your motors running for the Indianapolis 500! Community day is the official kick off of one of the biggest weekends and events in the world of sports! Fans get to race the track, see beautiful vintage cars and watch some of the cities media big wigs take […]