Follow @carusoonair Breaking Bad followers!!! Have you checked out this “alternate” ending of your favorite tv show Breaking Bad?!?! Check out what Walter White has in store for you….. //

Follow @Carusoonair // So who knew that this dude could use magic as a way to sweep ladies right off their feet?! I mean, I can’t pull a bunny out of a hat or make something disappear, but I might just take a note or two out of this guys book and see where it […]

Follow @Carusoonair   Born and bred in the corn state and if you are as well, then these signs that you are from Indiana will hit right at home with you as well…. Just a couple things mentioned that you might relate to is that you are either black and gold or crimson and cream…. […]

Follow @carusoonair Looks like we have not seen the last of Walter White and Jesse Pickman as they are set to used again….but in the new TV series that is going to spun off of Saul Goodman’s life. Director Vince Gilligan insisted that he couldn’t resist not using Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for the […]

Follow @carusoonair Still having trouble coming up with a costume idea and Halloween only right around the corner….why not just “steal” an idea from your favorite music videos! Top 10 list of ideas to wear from music videos I’m thinking more along the lines of Lady GaGa just because she is the Queen of Halloween…Happy […]

Follow @carusoonair Smartphone junkies have recently been able to find love through a new way of internet dating from on their phone….its called Tinder. Tinder, the app that lets you just like or dislike a person by their picture, is a new craze going around the media world and now is being turned into a […]

Follow @carusoonair Since Halloween is only a week or so away and you still don’t have a clue of what to wear…how about dressing up as a famous celebrity like Lady Gaga of Miley Cyrus?! Both celebrities have endless amounts of costumes we have seen over the past year and instead of having to create […]

Follow @carusoonair // So it looks like the fans of the world famous book “Fifty Shades of Grey” got their wish as actor Charlie Hunnam has fallen out of the picture as head role actor to play Christian Grey. Hunnam, known for his acting on FX for “Sons of Anarchy”, was said he didn’t have […]

Follow @carusoonair // Whether you are a Miley fan or not, this performance of her hit ‘We Can’t Stop” is pretty awesome It is a littler different since it is an A Cappella version, but don’t worry you foot will continue to tap and you head will still bob along tho the beat. Oh, and […]

Follow @carusoonair   Looks like after working hard on his latest album, JT has turned back to the big screen and getting his acting on… Even though he may not be the main character in the move Inside Llewyn Davis, you still might want to check out this trailer and see what he is rocking for No […]

Follow @carusoonair     If you can not get enough of Adam Levine already, well….he just now sold autobiographical comedy series to NBC and he actually will be co-producing it as well. The story line of the series is suppose to be about Adam in a real life relationship between him and a roommate before […]

Follow @carusoonair   You’ve heard the toe tapping, Irish Jig dancing song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc, now this is the official music video to your favorite song being played on the radio //