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Follow @carusoonair Have you ever got to go backstage to one of your favorite concerts, meet-and-greet your favorite artist or band, maybe just won a pretty unique prize from a radio station? Today, August 20th, is National Radio Day…and on the behave of RadioNOW 100.9, we would like to just say thank you to everyone […]

Follow @carusoonair Soccer has always been a passion for myself. I grew up playing the game, I loved, for about 18 years but after retiring and becoming a coach, you never know what to expect or what you are getting yourself into. When I took an assistant coaching position at Plainfield High School for their […]

Follow @carusoonair Charlie Sheen takes the #IceBucketChallenge to a whooooooole new level of creativity… Mad respect Mr. Sheen, Carry on Thank you and  for the video

Follow @carusoonair Unless kids plan to start paying for their own phone bills, looks like mom or dad will be in total control of your phone! After recent news about the Facebook messenger app comes this brand new app called “Ignore No More”. Well the name seems to be pretty clear on what the app […]

Follow @carusoonair Haven’t made it to the state fair yet this year….well, with the 2014 Indiana State Fair wrapping up this weekend I think it is time to get the family, friends, strangers (ok maybe not them) but you get the point…. Sooooo many awesome things going on all weekend long, including today is $5 […]

Follow @carusoonair Social media has been taken over by different types of challenges… Soooooo if you are feeling bold, you should check out this guy and what crazy challenges he does on the regular… You’ll never look at soda the same way again!

Follow @carusoonair From the website looks like Dog, from the popular TV show The Bounty Hunter, took on the challenge to chase after Jon Koppenhaver. Koppenhaver, known as War Machine in the Mixed Martial Arts World, is on the run from the police for assaulting,  Hoosier born, Christy Mack.     Check out the rest of […]

Follow @carusoonair It is the final week of the 2014 Indiana State Fair, which only means it is the last time for $2 Tuesday…but what exactly is $2 Tuesday? Well, check out the deals below! $2 Tuesday – Admission at the Gate is only $2! You do not need a printed voucher for the […]

Follow @carusoonair It is offically the 2nd week of the 2014 Indiana State Fair and while maybe you still haven’t tried all the fried food, this is the last week as well! (it is ok to cry now) No plans today, or worried about maybe the money, well today is the day for you to […]

Follow @carusoonair Living with ADD/ADHD has its up and downs (I’m already bored with writing this and thinking about what is for lunch/dinner or what life would be like if I was allergic to toothpaste) But anyways…. A new station up north, land of the fighting Justin Bieber’s, have launched a new format…..cutting their songs […]

Follow @carusoonair No, I don’t think he is “missing” after cancelling shows here in Indy and else where…   Everybody knows that Robin Thicke has been having problems (insert sad face here) and such problems have been weighing on him sooooo much, he had to cancel concert shows, including here in Indianapolis… Well the concert […]

Follow @carusoonair ummmmmmmm… if you don’t know what my first name is (which i keep a pretty good secret) I shall not be getting/participating in the Coke campaign this time around…. For all you other Michael’s out there…looks like we are just “special” when it comes to the Coke campaign of sharing with a friend… […]