I don’t get this…man is SINGING in his car & gets pulled over BY 4 POLICE OFFICERS! His charge? SCREAMING IN PUBLIC – wtf is that? He got a $117 USD ticket (he’s in Canada so it was $148) – WHAT?!?!?! Click HERE to read more.

A young Canadian boy has been struggling with being on the no-fly list his entire life - all because of the name he was given at birth.


This rabbit is ready to sign a contract! He’s fast as hell & has some crazy moves. Colts are short on RBs this season ’cause of injuries…thinkin’ they could use him.

Just when you thought Drake couldn’t take another W today, he comes through in the bottom of the ninth. Earlier this morning, Drake dropped a…

The newest trailer for the upcoming The Diary Of A Teenage Girl is here, and it looks just as juicy as it sounds. Minnie Goetze has just…

America…is not #1       It’s Canada.   Courtesy of BroBible:

Follow @carusoonair Living with ADD/ADHD has its up and downs (I’m already bored with writing this and thinking about what is for lunch/dinner or what life would be like if I was allergic to toothpaste) But anyways…. A new station up north, land of the fighting Justin Bieber’s, have launched a new format…..cutting their songs […]

A Canadian teen reprimanded for violating her school’s dress code  says school officials are “shaming girls for their bodies”. Just so long as the treatment goes both ways…

Disappointing thousands of people who signed a petition to deport Justin Bieber, the White House announced Friday that it would not be taking a stand on the issue. “Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be commenting on this one,” wrote the White House. The response noted that the terms of the site state that officials can […]

Follow @rachelbogle Okay Canada…you have been forgiven for giving the world Justin Bieber, solely because of the amazeballzness of THIS video. Of course, the Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law in Russia has been a huge talking point around the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. And while there are sooo many opinions and emotions flying around, THIS video response […]

Like a lot of you, Kyle & Rachel are fed up with the antics of Justin Bieber. After the latest transgressions, they asked you for your support in signing a petition to send Bieber back to Canada! With some listener encouragement, we created a petition that you can now see on the website! We […]