being single

  According to Us Weekly, a source close to Angelina Jolie, says she has no plans to ever get married again and it’s Brad Pitt’s fault! The actress revealed she never wanted to tie the knot in the first place, and she felt that Pitt pressured her into it.The couple got married in France in […]

Follow @RachelBogle Single bellssssss, single bellsssssss, single all the wayyyyyyy! I’m single, you’re probably single [since you are reading this, after all…] and thanks to this epic no-filter list from Elite Daily, none of us have to feel bad about our singleness. Because we are actually winning at life. And that’s pretty bueno… Here are […]

Follow @RachelBogle Chances are if you clicked on this, you’ve probably been cheated on, so this 100% is a must-read…because if THIS doesn’t hit the nail on the head, I don’t know what will. Let the therapy sesh begin…   “6 Things You Can Only Know About Love AFTER Being Cheated On” via Elite Daily […]

Follow @RachelBogle This is CRAZY! Is it possible to control who we fall in love with? I used to say “No,” but this might have proven me wrong! Over 20 years ago, a psychologist named Dr. Arthur Aron succeeded in making 2 people FALL IN LOVE in his lab. Seriously, we are talking 2 strangers who walked […]

Follow @RachelBogle Wine is all you need, as if there was ever any doubt… “17 Reasons Wine Is The Best Valentine” 1. Wine doesn’t care how you look. 2. It happily poses for selfies. 3. It won’t ask you to DTR just because you’re hanging out on Valentine’s Day… 4. …even if you guys end […]

Follow @rachelbogle This is for all the singles out there, because lets face it….in the words of Drake— “You knowwww you knowww you knowwwww” “18 Struggles Every Single Friend Will Understand” 1. You’re always the designated photographer of the happy couple. Whether you like it or not. 2. Your friends constantly ask you for relationship […]