How about the Obama’s dancing the Tango while in Argentina – they were pretty good.

After seven years in the White House and the gray hairs to prove it, the 44th President of the United States is down to zero…

Remember in speech class there was always that kid who realized he forgot his speech at home? Well, it’s WAYYYY worse when “that kid” is the President of the United States! Check out this video from over the weekend when Obama got up to the podium, low and behold–somebody dropped the ball and he had […]

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama reportedly won’t be invited to Prince William’s wedding. America’s first couple is not on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s list of invitees for what’s being called the “wedding of the decade,” the Daily Mail reported. Sources told the British newspaper that William and his bride-to-be want to […]

SOURCE SOURCE Looks like President Obama has his eyes set on winning a war against Lady Gaga…the battle to become the first living person with more than 10 million Facebook fans.  They’re both at just over 9 million with The Prez in the lead for NOW.  They’re both a few million behind Michael Jackson, who […]