This week, host Emily Metheny talked with Kelsey Burton, Executive Director of Paws & Think, talked about how the organization pivoted during the pandemic to provide resources online which also includes helping people with their mental health. For the second part of the show, Emily revisits a conversation with John Helling, Director of Public Services […]

This week, host Emily Metheny had the chance to talk with Fishers Arts Council about what the organization is doing to support artists and the community during a very different summer this year. Board member Jill Lehman walked us through what the summer events look like this year, what resources are available online for artists, […]


Animals deal with natural disasters the same way humans do AND IT’S AMAZING! From Texas after Hurricane Harvey struck Otis took care of himself…it’s AMAZING! Brings a tear to my eye #Weakness.

RadioNOW 100.9 and The Humane Society of Indianapolis are partnering up to bring you Animal House EVERY Thursday morning. We will be showcasing dogs and cats in need of a forever home. Serving Indianapolis and the surrounding counties since 1905, the Humane Society of Indianapolis provides vital services to animals and people alike through sheltering […]

A drunk woman who was mauled by a tiger after sneaking into an Omaha, Nebraska zoo last week may lose part of her hand.

A dog’s loyalty has always been a sense a pride for anyone who’s owned one, and we now know that dedication goes to the grave.


People are evil!  A pregnant dog was buried alive in Russia, but fortunately a man heard the dog yelping for help.  After a few days buried underneath a newly paved sidewalk, a good Samaritan uncovered the scared pup from under the rubble.  Watch !


According to his owner, Captain the pug loves Petsmart more than anything! Watch his usual reaction after hearing the store’s name and spotting the logo.

Today in WTF news, police in Florida say a woman has confessed to having sex with her pit bull and capturing the sick moment in…

Follow @Rachelbogle Just because we are now officially in 2015 doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce a bit more about some of the most memorable things from 2014, like song lyrics that confused us (and will probably continue to confuse us in the new year). So, all you lonely Starbuck’s lovers (shout-out to Taylor Swift…), here we […]