What happens in Broad Ripple…goes on the radio. *LISTEN BELOW*   *MAN CONVINCES GF HE’S GAY FOR 22 JUMP STREET PRIZE PACK*

I found this definitely blog-worthy!  Even the Brightest stars have a personal life that we don’t know about. So I was really intrigued by this article. I had no Idea that Bradley Cooper actually doesn’t drink, even though he was in all of the Hangover Movies! There’s also other things that you weren’t aware of when it […]

We’ve all been there.  We’re singing away at our favorite songs, and for some reason we think the lyrics go one way, but we’re wrong.  Sometimes we wonder why the world “Tomato” is in there, but we sing it anyway. Thing is we mishear the lyrics sometimes but go ahead and sing it our way […]

Of course all the rave today is the big election!  Hopefully you went out and did your voting.  There’s a lot of pics and videos of celebrities getting out and voicing their opinions on who should be in office. But if you’ve been on Twitter, you know that there’s one celeb that’s able to vote […]

Of course he would.  And I’m pretty sure he wasn’t ready for it!  If you don’t know who Psy is, next time you hear that fantastic “Gangnam Style” song, you’ll remember who the guy is. Of course since he’s come up with the most catchy dance and video of the year (I’m sure), that he’s […]

Of course we’ve already talked about this once, but since Green Day is one of my favorite groups of all time, I feel like it’s my duty to talk about it. :) Amidst all of the stuff going on with Green Day…. You Know, the meltdowns, rehab, and releasing a trilogy of CD’s over the […]

Oh yeah, what you see is what you get. I’ve heard of and seen some pretty crazy things, but this is just…well…freakin’ me out. The 23 year old goes by “Digidoo” and just recently tried out for this up coming’s season of American Idol. He was a shining star alright…well at least his head was. […]