Some kids just aren’t good students. Some teachers are to blame. Some students feel the teacher is the problem & try to hire a CLOWN to kill the teacher. That’s right…a student hired a CLOWN to kill the teacher. Don’t believe it? Click HERE.

Imagine having NOTHING to do with your time so you decide to cover your SUV with pennies! Yeah…it happened. To be exact 51,300 pennies! Proof HERE.

Someone (probably a JT stalker) found a pic of him that looks EXACTLY like a guy that lived in the 1800s (again someone has A LOT of time on their hands) but they weren’t wrong. Click HERE to see the pic…it’s damn close right?


Time to get married? Is everyone asking if “it’s time to get married?” Here’s 5 simple questions to ask yourself. Click HERE and you’ll know.


This is just weird…a guy BOUGHT a doll a plane ticket for a flight earlier today…that’s just creepy…why would you do that!?!? Click HERE.

…and now there’s proof! New studio from the Swiss says it makes you happier AND sexier. Not sure about you but I’m thinking Beer Goggles are a farse! Check all the great things the Swiss say about drinking beer by clicking HERE.


Last night during Scream Queens we got the first look of Lady Gaga’s video for Perfect Illusion. But…if you missed it here you go…

When I was younger I’d just steal $.02 pieces of candy…now-a-days we’re stealing cheese…crab legs…peanuts. Just random stuff. Wanna see the crazy list? Click HERE.

Saw a list of “8 Simple Ways To Lose Weight” – thought you may or may not wanna look at this… Just click HERE.


I’m a dog lover (we have 2 & they’re like kids) but this story of a mother moving her puppies to a ditch to keep them safe is UNREAL! Check out this slide show…


Love this series Undercover Lyft – the latest was posted yesterday afternoon with DJ Khaled…this is great…I’m fan for sure.


Demi Lovoto has been our the Future/Now Tour for a while…while she got some time off she decided it was time to go on the lake. The pic she posted on Instagram is BLOWING UP! Check it…