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Imagine having NOTHING to do with your time so you decide to cover your SUV with pennies! Yeah…it happened. To be exact 51,300 pennies! Proof HERE.

Someone (probably a JT stalker) found a pic of him that looks EXACTLY like a guy that lived in the 1800s (again someone has A LOT of time on their hands) but they weren’t wrong. Click HERE to see the pic…it’s damn close right?


The video just dropped for Hailee Steinfeld’s Starving – it’s SUPER sexy!

When I was younger I’d just steal $.02 pieces of candy…now-a-days we’re stealing cheese…crab legs…peanuts. Just random stuff. Wanna see the crazy list? Click HERE.

Saw a list of “8 Simple Ways To Lose Weight” – thought you may or may not wanna look at this… Just click HERE.

Extreme couponing to the extreme…feeding 30,000 people! How cool is that? Check the story HERE.


Love this series Undercover Lyft – the latest was posted yesterday afternoon with DJ Khaled…this is great…I’m fan for sure.

Even though Justin Bieber says “my momma don’t like you and she likes everyone” in Love Yourself it seems he was wrong! New reports that she LOVES Selena even today after all the drama with them. More HERE.


Sometimes guys will do REALLY REALLY stupid stuff to impress a lady right? You’ve never faked it right? RIGHT?!?! One guy wanted to impress his girl (and her family) so much he FAKED BEING A COP! When the woman (and her family) called him out he took her to the police station where he was […]


Boeing is getting ready for an airshow next week & their test pilots took a HUGE plane on a test flight…NOBODY WAS ON THIS FLIGHT…but could you imagine if a pilot decided to do these things with people on board?!?!


Such a cool tattoo…I love this…soundwaves & trees making up a guitar…AMAZING! Proof that it’s actually Shawn…


This is pretty amazing! A guy goes swimming in 1500 gallons of Coke WITH MENTOS!!