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    Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show

    Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show

    Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show not only TARGETS millennial’s, they ARE millennials. With Features like Murder Monday, Dummy of the Day, The Garbage, and Freak Show Friday, they provide the perfect balance of suspense, humor and engagement for young adults. Whether you’re young, dumb and stupid, a stressed out mom or on the search for the love of your life, with Joe, Liv the Web Girl and the newest member of the team, Porkchop, there’s someone on the show you can relate to.

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    Joe Pesh

    Married to his Wife Lindsey for 3 years, the two met on line through Twitter. He’s a dog daddy to Benny and Paddington who are 2 year old mutts. They have their own Instagram account which you should follow @bennyandpaddington. Joe is actively involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and has been a Big Brother to Michael for the past year.In his free time Joe likes to go to sporting events, fish and hang out with friends for game nights.Connect with Joe on Social Media: @JoePeshRadio

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    Liv the Web Girl

    Liv the Web Girl first got her start on the Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show as an associate producer in charge of all things social media. She’s fresh out of college and always going out. She has no idea what global warming is, but can tell you everything you need to know about sports and nutrition. Liv is the stereotypical millennial on the show. She fails at “adulating” almost always, and doesn’t understand a lot, but that’s why we love her. Bless her heart!

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    Porkchop is the newly hired Executive Producer of Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show! He loves working in morning radio because he enjoys making people smile every morning, even if it means being the butt of a joke. He is a self-proclaimed workaholic, so if he’s not cutting audio or booking guest interviews, you might find him around town Uber driving! Fun time for Porkchop means watching football or hockey, playing X-Box and changing his fantasy football lineup every 30 minutes. He likes hanging out at the bar drinking beer and playing darts. He’s got a dog and two cats and is not married, but been in a relationship for 6 years so….pretty much married.

    Joe & The Radio Now Morning Show

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