Irrational? Maybe. Psycho? No!! Thursday morning in my Broad Ripple apartment I stepped into my shoe to find a LIVE FREAKING COCKROACH patiently awaiting for me. There was no chance in hell I was going to stay in that tainted apartment another night so I did what I thought was the only reasonable option, drive […]

We couldn’t handle caller Brendan AT ALL. Might be the funniest call ever.

Today started out normal, we were just going down memory lane talking about our favorite memories from the show the past year when Lexi called and things got…weird…

Is dad lying so she will stay his little girl forever, or is dad telling the truth!? We follow back up Monday 10/2/17 at 8:00am EST.

Mike has called us now 2 mornings in a row saying he hears a strange sound in Indy that’s like “a cat and a power tool”. Then MULTIPLE people called in and said they’ve heard it too!!

We thought this kid just wanted advice on how to kiss…turns out his mom has already SHOWED him!

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