Food & Drink

Saweetie is doing quite alright. Today (July 29), McDonald's announced that the platinum rapper is bringing her own signature order to stores, and fans, nationwide.

Kraft and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream collaborated on a limited-edition macaroni and cheese ice cream flavor, which actually sold out in just an hour on National Mac & Cheese Day.

Basketball stars Carmelo Anthony and Sue Bird are joined with jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, and fashion designer Don C.

A popular retail warehouse chain is bringing back a program that was discontinued as COVID-19 was in full effect. Sam’s Club has announced its offering of free samples is returning to stores everywhere, though it will be adjusted in this newfound post-pandemic world. From WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland: Members of the warehouse chain were […]

Philadelphia’s own, Rim Cafe has set the bar high creating the world’s longest cheesesteak. Owner of Rim Cafe celebrated his birthday with a big bang. Now when we say that, not with a night out of drinking with a few friends but by bringing together chefs from popular local cheesesteak restaurants to build the world’s […]

There is a way to enjoy drinking pop without thinking too much of whatever sugar content is thrown in, yet not everyone is willing to switch to diet. That’s why those “zero sugar” flavors of popular beverage brands from Coca-Cola to Pepsi to even Canada Dry exist.  Now, there is another well-known brand to throw […]

Here’s a combination you never thought would come to life: Pepsi-Cola and Peeps candy. Now, it appears to be happening, according to People, as Pepsi is planning to “deliver a new marshmallow-flavored soda” with cans that are in three colors that are based on different Peeps flavors that are so popular around Easter (not to […]

Beginning this week, fans can get their hands on McDonald's latest Crispy Chicken Sandwich, along with some fresh gear that features the music of hit-making producer, Tay Keith.