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Catfishes’s host AND executive producer, Nev Schulman, has been accused of sexual misconduct. A woman who was on the show back in 2015 posted a video on YouTube claiming that the host sexually harassed her all during the taping of the show. Nev is being investigated and MTV has suspended the production of the show. […]

Mac Miller got a DUI around 1am early this morning. He crashed his (beautiful) Mercedes G-Wagon into a telephone pool while in the car with two other people. The three fled the scene on foot, but cops knew it was him once they ran the license plate of the car. When cops showed up at […]

MY MOON CHILDREN!!!! Aquarius: You can low key be like the BIGGEST HATER, in your friend group. If you keep being so antisocial then before you know it your friends are gonna be some random people on Chatroulette like it’s 2009 again. Pisces: You have the emotional backbone of a Twinkie. It’s time to stop […]

Gary The Conspiracy Theorist was BACK today by popular demand, and he did NOT disappoint. He has me fully convinced that Tupac AND Michael Jackson are STILL alive!!! Gary believes that Tupac is still alive and has faked his own death and here is why… 1. The “last photo” that was supposedly taken of Tupac was a […]

Today marks National Nascar Day and with Race Weekend, only week away, Joe of The Joe & Alex Show is getting you in some race zone with this one of a kind Crash & Burn drink recipe. Watch the full video above and learn how to make your very own Crash & Burn at home and peep the ingredients […]

This morning the morning show was LIT! It was the first ever Joe And Alex Show Freestyle Friday Rap Battle. Listen to the podcast below and let us know who won by tweeting us @joeandalexshow #TEAMJOE #TEAMLIVTHEWEBGIRL Let’s  Connect online: Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –

Nick Jonas is apparently trying to get back together with his SMOKE-SHOW ex girlfriend, Olivia Culpo. The couple broke up with 2015 after dating for 2 years. Nick texted her trying to reconnect but Olivia supposedly has “absolute no interest” in rekindling the flame. She JUST got out of her relationship with NFL HUNKKK Danny […]

It is RUMORED that Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux are MORE than just friends…and Jennifer Aniston is PISSED. Selena just recently broke up with longtime on and off boyfriend Justin Bieber (</3) and Justin Theroux just recently separated from wife, Jennifer Aniston. The two have known each other for years through their manager, and have […]

You should always TRIPLE CHECK your clothing before you throw it into the washer or something terrible could happen like destroying your phone or some like what happened to Liv The Web Girls Friend. Check out the podcast below.  Let’s  Connect online: Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –

The World seems to be split on Yanny or Laurel well now we finally have an answer from the students that started the debate.  Let’s  Connect online: Snapchat – JoePeshRadio Instagram – Facebook – Twitter –

Apparently Flo Rida initially denied that 19-month-old Zohar Paxton was his son, according to his son’s mom, Alexis Adams. Adams says Flo Rida turned his back on the baby when the baby and ended up getting a paternity test. It reveled that it was a 99.9% match that Flo Rida is the father. Unfortunately, Zohar […]