men’s health

Someone actually took the time to create a list of the “worst causal dining chain restaurants” – why? Beats the hell out of me but the list is HERE.

Want better sex? Got your attention huh? Sex experts (how do you get that job?!?!) say there are certain foods that can boost your ability in the bedroom… May wanna click HERE.

…and now there’s proof! New studio from the Swiss says it makes you happier AND sexier. Not sure about you but I’m thinking Beer Goggles are a farse! Check all the great things the Swiss say about drinking beer by clicking HERE.

Saw a list of “8 Simple Ways To Lose Weight” – thought you may or may not wanna look at this… Just click HERE.

When I was at the State Fair this year I MAY have had some of the delicious food. Duh. Imagine a restaurant that serves ONLY fair food – it’s happening! It exists! Makes me wanna visit Texas to try some…click HERE to learn more about Deep Fried Pop Tarts and others…

Today is NATIONAL FRENCH FRY DAY! Congrats on learning this just before lunch! So…there’s “the perfect way to re-heat French Fries” I guess… Check THIS out

Back in the 90s there was CRYSTAL PEPSI (ask your older brothers & sisters about it) but IT’S COMING BACK! It looked like Sprite but tasted like Pepsi. Mark the date JULY 7!! More HERE.

I came across a list of 7 ways/things you should do to detox after a night out…some are common sense (I hope) others aren’t… Click HERE for the list.

Breastfeeding is great…if it’s for a baby. What about a 36 year old man!?!?! It’s happening…new trend called “Adult Breastfeeding Relationship” – blows my mind! Click HERE for more…it’s weird right?

This is the GREATEST urinal ever! It sings once you’re done! Click HERE.

Now that summer is here (unofficaly of course even though it’s 90 this weekend) there’s a new summer way to eat bacon… GRILL IT! Can’t lie…never even thought about grilling bacon but it sounds great! My neighbors would be so pissed if they smell me GRILLING BACON! Check THIS out…and you’re welcome for the dinner idea

We love bacon right? Well…maybe we should say we LOVED bacon! Bloomberg Businessweek has basically said our love affair with bacon may have peaked & we’re just back to normal bacon consumption…not sure how I feel about that… HERE is the story…