Indy’s Big Game Guide

Follow @RachelBogle Who will win the 2015 Super Bowl? Blah blah blah… how GENERIC right?! Predictions and picks for the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are fun, but the odd “odds” are even more entertaining. According to the Chicago Tribune, Super Bowl prop bets this year cover everything from whether or not Katy […]

Follow @rachelbogle In honor of the football’s biggest weekend, this seemed soooo appropriate for my fellow female sports fans. Because, lets be honest, at some point we have all heard someone say at LEAST one of these statements to us…which then caused us to roll our eyes or feel the instant urge to punch said-dude […]

@justmeReka I saw them wearing all Seahawks gear and got excited! Usually the only people who love the Seahawks are folks from Seattle!

No lie…I’m wandering around and decide to walk in to Cuda Lounge on Meridian and just like that…John Legend was on stage! Were you there? See if your picture is in my gallery!

The Fan Jam is a definite star studded event sponsored by Pepsi that kicks off Super Bowl Weekend! This year Gym Class Heroes, B.O.B, and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 set the stage a blaze for Fan Jam 2012 right here in Indianapolis. [ooyala JyaWVnMzqR8IXLqfj2K7vaSl4xlEnpTR 610 343 0 nolink] [ooyala EwbGVnMzrJ05qvVuh-u8fkxpIM5_JBxS 610 343 0 nolink]

ELEVEN INJURED IN LMFAO CONCERT: Eleven people were reportedly injured at a free  concert that LMFAO performed over the weekend. Reportedly, the free show caused a stampede in the streets which was filled with over 50,000 people. Reportedly, 22 people were arrested for public intoxication. SOURCE

Alec Baldwin kicked off Super Bowl festivities on Saturday night as host of NFL Honors, a ceremony dedicated to presenting The Associated Press awards for the 2011 season. Baldwin injected some pop culture — and self-deprecating humor into the sports show, taking shots at the Kardashians and poking fun at his own headline-making antics.He joked […]

@justmeReka this took place at the Bud Light Hotel party and I heard it was awesome!! If you have pictures let me know

@justmeReka to be honest I didn’t take enough pictures!! I wish I had an eye for that but I was too busy having fun #SB46Memories I finally understand now who Vince Lombardi was, this is the VL trophy the Colts won a fews years back! (Media Day Party) I almost cried when I got this, […]

written by @itsthecaptain If you were one of the fortunate few THOUSAND to see LMFAO perform over the weekend you were not disappointed. Right now nobody knows how to party harder than the Party Rock Crew. After hustling my way through an electric crowd I got a little video for the other few thousand that […]