Last Sunday, Tony Scott decided it was time for him to leave a successful life in film, a wife and two kids, a successful brother , friend and professional confidant he had worked with during the course of his career, famous actors and actresses who valued his work and loved him. So he jumped from the Vincent Thomas Bridge  in Los Angeles with no one around to prevent or even rescue him. He was 68 at the time of his death. Scott will be remembered for his drive and creativity, that he couldn’t kill, that he couldn’t take with him. He drove himself like most perfectionists and yet, something that no one quite understands was eating at his will to live.  He toyed with the hero/villain character in his movies and yet in all of his movies the hero would be vindicated and win in the end. Tony was our hero; he wasn’t supposed to die; he wasn’t supposed to end.

Now that he’s been laid to rest, he left us a puzzle without any apparent clues as of yet. And because we’re still in disbelief, his mysterious departure has us struggling, trying to make some sense of a death that appears to be senseless.

The director’s older brother Ridley Scott, also an acclaimed director, and family paid their last respects to Tony Scott during the service, which was held in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. READ MORE

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