Journey guitarist Neal Schon has revealed to Classic Rock that a reunion with the band’s former singer Steve Perry is still a possibility.

Perry was Journey’s lead vocalist between 1977 and 1987 and later rejoined the band for the 1996 album Trial By Fire. But since 1998, Journey have continued with different singers: first Steve Augeri, then Jeff Scott Soto, and finally Arnel Pineda, who has been the band’s frontman for four years.

Nevertheless, Schon says he is not ruling out the idea of Journey reuniting with Perry.

“I can’t talk about the future because I don’t have a crystal ball,” Schon says. “But I can say that if Steve Perry wanted to come back and do some kind of reunion tour, I think it would have to be in a time zone when we are feeling like we’re done. He’s certainly welcome to come and join us on stage any night that he would like. If he wants to come and do one song, half a song, a quarter of a song… anything would be fine with the band, I know that. The door is always open. We’ve always loved the guy and Arnel is such an amazing, gracious person, he’d have no problem with it at all. So Steve is always welcome to come and sit in.” READ MORE


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