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Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has called out Nineties contemporaries including Soundgarden for cashing in with their reunion tours, reports. 

“There are those bands that are essentially coming back only to make money – playing their old albums, and maybe somewhere in the back of their minds they’re thinking there might be a future,” the outspoken Corgan said at a press conference before a recent show in the Philippines.

He continued: “I am not in that business, obviously. I condemn anybody who’s in that business but doesn’t admit [he’s] in that business. When Soundgarden came back and they just played their old songs, great. I was a fan of Soundgarden, but call it for what it is. They’re just out there to have one more round at the till; same with Pavement and these other bands.”

Corgan noted that it’s younger fans who keep Smashing Pumpkins going. “Without the young fans there is no future for Smashing Pumpkins. We can’t run an oldies business. Not only is it boring, it’s actually not a very good business.” READ MORE


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