The first rainbow flag made its debut at the San Francisco Pride Parade in 1978. Designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker, the original flag was hand-dyed and consisted of eight symbolic colors: Hot Pink (sexuality), Red (life), Orange (healing), Yellow (sunlight), Green (nature), Turqoise (magic/art), Blue (serenity/harmony) and violet (spirit). Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that the Mafia owned the Stonewall Inn when the famous riots took place in 1969? Or that there were originally eight stripes on the Rainbow Flag, not just the current six?

While you might consider yourself a veteran Pride partier, there are plenty of interesting tidbits surrounding the Pride movement that you might not know.

Before you hit the parade route this June, educate yourself with this  slideshow of 18 LGBT Pride facts here.

News Source: HuffPost

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