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“American Idol” finalist Phillip Phillips admits that competing on the show hasn’t been easy for him — or good for his health.  “The Hollywood Reporter” says the singer addressed his medical issues during a press conference promoting this week’s “Idol” finale, and said that he’s “been sick” throughout the entire competition.  But he added that he’s “doing all right,” and he’s “excited” that “it’s almost over.”  Phillips suffers from kidney problems, which sent him to the hospital back in March.  Viewers might have also noticed that he hasn’t been participating in “Idol’s” recent Ford videos.  The show gave him a pass on the physically demanding video shoots for health reasons.

According to TMZ, during last week’s home visit Phillip met with his doctor, who wasn’t pleased with the singer’s condition.  His doctor reportedly advised him to drop out of the competition and undergo kidney surgery right away, but Phillip refused.  The doctor is now urging him to get treatment as soon as “Idol” wraps up on Wednesday.  If he has surgery he’ll likely be laid up for six weeks.

Phillips joins Jessica Sanchez as “Idol’s” season eleven top two.  They’re performing one final time for viewer votes tonight.  The winner will be announced on the two-hour “American Idol” season finale, airing on Fox Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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