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Snooki ripped Jessica Simpson on Friday when she said, “I would die if I were her size. She said she indulged in everything that she wanted. I’m trying to each healthy — fruits, lots of jelly and Italian ices. Nothing fattening at all.” She adds, “I’m usually partying and going to clubs, but the pregnancy made me grow up a lot.. It’s a lot different, because now I’m not drinking. I haven’t tanned since August.Snooki did not dis Jessica Simpson — or so she says. The pregnant reality star reportedly made a comment that said that she would die if she reached the same size as Jessica Simpson during her pregnancy. Snooki was reportedly upset by the fact that tabloids tried to make it into a feud between the two stars. Snooki said, “I NEVER dissed Jessica Simpson you weird tabloids, get over it with your ‘pregnant war’ articles. I love the girl and her hot ass bump.”Simpson is due any day now — while Snooki still has a few more months


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