Beyonce has reportedly given up fad diets — so she could be a good example for her daughter Blue. According to Look Magazine, a source said, “She is all about being a good example to Blue, so has quit the fad diets and is just busy being a mom.” The source added that Beyonce is working out, but not obsessing over exercise. As for her diet, the source said, “She’s purposely eating three square meals a day of what she fancies. Whether that’s fried chicken or chips, she’s focusing on enjoying life rather than being skinny.”In related news, according to The UK Sun, Beyonce is putting together a scrapbook of quotes, lyrics and recipes for Blue. A source said, “She thinks her daughter (now 15-week old) will really appreciate the present as she gets older and also learn from what has been collected on the pages. The collection already includes quotes and lyrics from her dad Jay-Z. And Beyonce plans to put old recipes in the book that have been passed down to her from her mom, Tina.”

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