Lindsay Lohanreturned to the L.A. club Smoke and Mirrors, where she allegedly had a fightwith another woman a week and a half ago, a source on the scene confirms to Gossip Cop.

But this time she was on the receiving end of the attack.

On Wednesday, after the car Lohan was riding in as a passenger struck another vehicle, the actress called her dadMichael, who met her at the club and calmed her down.

Our eyewitness tells us the Lohans sat at the club, just talking — and NOT drinking any booze.

Later in the evening, a woman sitting nearby then made a nasty comment about Lindsay. The Mean Girls star told the woman to “shut up.”

The unidentified women then hurled a drink at Lindsay, who was immediately escorted out of the club by her dad.

Michael tried to “diffuse the situation,” notes our source, adding, “She’s a target now. She did nothing wrong.”


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