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The One Direction “British Invasion” in America has left one U.S. band none too pleased.

An American group also called One Direction has filed a lawsuit againstSimon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and Sony Music over the UK boy band’s name.

According to the U.S. One Direction’s attorney Peter Ross, Cowell’s company knowingly brought its One Direction into the American marketplace even though there was already another group in the States going by that name.

“Rather than change their name or do anything to create confusion or avoid damage to our good will, they chose to press ahead and come on their tour,” Ross says.

Now, confusion has indeed ensued, with even the “Today” show allegedly playing the wrong One Direction music during the UK band’s recent appearance on the morning show.

The lawyer adds that fans searching for the British One Direction on YouTube have been surprised and even angered when inadvertently finding music by the American group, allegedly going as far as leaving insulting comments.

Of course, being confused with one of pop music’s hottest acts also has its upsides.

The U.S. One Direction, which currently isn’t signed to a record label, has reportedly seen increased YouTube views and iTunes sales for its song “2012.”

Still, Ross tells The Hollywood Reporter, “We’ve been in negotiations for a month to find a resolution. In our view, the negotiations weren’t turning out to be very productive.”

Consequently, Ross has filed suit on the band’s behalf, seeking an injunction and $1 million in damages.


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