Nicki Minaj has denied rumors that she is engaged — or even dating her right hand man SB. In an NYC radio interview, the rap superstar said that the ring she wears on her ring finger is just something she brought for herself and is not an engagement ring. She also said that Safaree is her “adopted son from Somalia.” She said about SB’s role in her life and career, “He is the reason for ‘Did it On ‘Em’ being on my album, he is the reason for ‘Beez in the Trap’ being on my album. But he knows lyrically what I am capable of and I keep a small circle and even in the studio.” She continued, “So that’s a point, I have people that I can trust right by my side. That’s why he is co-executive producer of the album, because he is the one that got all the beats and he is the one going back and forth with 2Chainz and Cam and we run our own ship. We have a couple of companies together. I don’t know what people want me to say.”


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