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written by @itsthecaptain

Some women are going to read this and look sad get upset and probably unfriend me..but hey that’s life. I just want you to know that you have inspired this post and its important to let you know, I’m not judging you. I just think you could do so much better!

My Relationship won’t last..I have too many updates“I got this from Him”  “I can’t wait to See him” “Im so Sick of him” “Since he dont want to act right I guess I’ll start looking for another him”….In A Relationship, Its Complicated, In a Relationship, Single….You have seen this before but what does it mean? It means that your relationship with this type of female isnt sacred. These updates are here to find out who you are with, who they think you want and who wants them just in case you mess up…I don’t think its wrong to breakup with these types of females on FB…because thats where everyone else will find out. Might as well tell your side of the story on her wall!

I Love Male Attention – Believe it or not is females on FB that love to put a man on blast for “coming at them” on FB. Now sometimes dudes are mad disrespectful and need to be put out there…and I get it…but what about the ones who really want to be with you. They like every photo you put up [for male attention] They took time read about you [and what you want in a male] and they trying to be your man [because you spend all week talking about how you hate being single]. So who are you fooling? Posting updates about guys trying to holla at you and putting guys you shot down on blast is proving 2 things.

1. You want all the girls on your timeline to know guys actually do try to talk to you.

2. Your still holding out for the guy who’s attention you cant get! Maybe you should inbox him your feelings…

Maybe I’m Insecure – This goes beyond the Marilyn Monroe stat. Even further then subliminal jabs about “Real Men”. This is the female that hates other females on FB. They dont have a positive comment about there friends pictures…but they do have a comment for every “slut, bish or whore” who is getting a little too much attention from fellow friends….These are most likely the  “Ladies Respect Yourselves” or “I don’t want to be a FB H*e” girls. Its too easy to stay in your lane and or unfriend them..So this is the action they take.

Maybe I’m Over Confident – The other side of the female confusion coin is the over confident girls. The ones that know those bullet wounds are there, no that muffin top cant be hidden and know they in those public bathrooms with those too small outfits and heels and yet they Click Click Click away! If thirsty dudes would STOP Hitting that like button..they would really get the hint!

My Child Isn’t Cute – Now it’s not polite to say that someone’s child isn’t ugly but, we all know how that goes. When you’re on FB you tend to see women that will throw ANY PICTURE UP of there child. They could have food on their face, playing in dirt or just caught on an  “off moment”. Then they post a regular picture of them sleeping or smiling. Thing is..there are NO COMMENTS OR LIKES! And if there is, its less than 10 and someone asking about anything but the child. Example “Hey girl, was this at Wisconsin Dells? I really wanted to go” or Are you coming out with us next week?” All signs that maybe JUST MAYBE you need to keep your child off FB.

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