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Mariah Yeater is not giving up on her claim that Justin Bieber is the father to her 5-month-old son. Yeater admitted to the Chicago Sun-Times that her ex-boyfriend Robbie Powell is not the father — Justin is. Yeater said, “I dropped my lawsuit, but never my claim. I still definitely want a DNA test and I want to refile my paternity case — I do believe he is the father.”Yeater’s lawyer is backing her up in her claim and says that Bieber’s camp has been less than helpful. Jeffrey Leving said, “Bieber’s counsel hasn’t told me where Bieber’s alleged DNA is secured, nor has provided information substantiating the chain of custody and protocol utilized in the claimed DNA collection and testing. If negotiations with Bieber’s counsel does not result in DNA testing of everyone under mutually agreeable and controlled conditions, then the legal proceedings will likely need to be refiled.” Yeater claims that her and Bieber had sex backstage at the Staples Center after Bieber’s October 25, 2010 show


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