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YouTube has announced its 10 Most Watched Videos of 2011, and – surprise! – Rebecca Black is on top!

The teen singer’s “Friday” video was the biggest upload of the year and also signals a new golden age of American music.


Meanwhile, Andy Samberg and his The Lonely Island pals scored the #3 and #7 videos of 2011 with “Jack Sparrow” and “The Creep.”

10-year-old Maria Aragon’s amazing cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” was the year’s eighth-biggest YouTube contribution.

(And, yes, adorable babies, kittens and dogs also scored highly.)

Check out the full list below!

1. Rebecca Black – “Friday”

2. Ultimate Dog Tease

3. “Jack Sparrow”

4. “Talking Twin Babies”

5. “Nyan Cat”

6. “Look at Me Now (Karmin Cover)”

7. “The Creep”

8. Maria Aragon – “Born This Way”

9. “The Force”

10. “Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten”

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