“Die Hard” is taking the top spot in Forbes.com’s list of the “Top Ten Best Christmas Movies Of All Time.”

While the Bruce Willis action flick isn’t exactly traditional holiday viewing, the publication says it combines elements from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” “Miracle On 34th Street,” and “A Christmas Carol” along with “every redemptive struggle about family and personal evolution and good versus evil, all wrapped up in a big shiny box with a bow made of explosions and bullets.” Taking second place is “Brazil,” which is described as “a sort of ‘un-Christmas’ Christmas film.” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” takes the number three spot, followed by “1941,” which “Forbes” calls “not just one of the best Christmas films, but one of the best comedies ever made.” “A Christmas Story” rounds out the top five.

At number six is “The Bishop’s Wife,” which is praised as “everything great, fun, and magical that a holiday movie should be.” “Elf” ranks seventh, followed by “Gremlins” and “Miracle On 34th Street.” The 1951 adaptation of “Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol” completes the list.

Source: MetroSource

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