Rihanna's crazy fans are threatening to 'kill' Chris Brown's girlfriend

Karrauche Tran is so worried about death threats from hectic Rihanna fans, that she’s reportedly scared to leave her house alone.

Chris Brown‘s girlfriend has been getting a heap of hate since RiRi posted a pic of rice cakes wearing sunnies (supposedly having a dig at Karrueche’s Vietnamese heritage) on Twitter last week.

Hilarious as RiRi’s joke was (not!), some of her more, errr, passionate fans have taken the whole thing waaay too far.

A few of the most violent digs aimed at Karrauche included: “I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!” and “Watch yo back”, but the most obviously freaky tweet was a plain and simple: “I will kill you.”

No wonder Karrauche is totally spooked now. According to TMZ, she’s refusing to leave her crib without a bodyguard by her side.

Why you’d war over Chris Brown (who was charged with assaulting RiRi in 2009) is a mystery to us, but the two girls were even rumoured to have nearly gotten into a chick fight over him a few weeks back.

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