This is just another new way to make all of us chubbier . . . but WHAT a way to do it.

–Sprinkles is a cupcake bakery chain that started in Los Angeles. They usually get credit for starting the trendy cupcake phase a few years back.

–And they just announced they’re taking their cupcake business to a whole new level . . . by opening the world’s first 24-hour CUPCAKE ATM.

–Outside their Beverly Hills bakery is an automated cupcake machine that will dispense fresh cupcakes, cupcake mix, and cupcakes for dogs, 24 hours a day. You just put in a credit card, pick what you want, and it shoots down a tube.

–The ATM is built, but it isn’t operational yet. There’s no word on whether they might start putting cupcake ATMs in other cities, too.

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