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Green Day members Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt have revealed that the tracks on their upcoming album will focus on sex.

Unlike the politically charged messages of albums past — one of which, American Idiot, became a Tony Award-winning Broadway musical — Armstrong and Dirnt explained that they will mainly be singing about “f****ing.”

“I think it’s so personal and so voyeuristic,” Armstrong said in a YouTube video posted by the group. “This is the first time we’ve ever really sung about f*****g.”

“The songs are gonna f*****g blow their minds,” Dirnt added.

Armstrong may not have sung about sex before, but a revealing fashion decision gave Southwest Airlines license to kick him off a flight back in September.

“Just got kicked off a Southwest flight because my pants sagged too low!” the singer tweeted, adding in his signature colorful language, “What the f**k? No joke!”

Here’s to hoping Green Day can pull off their sex-soaked ninth studio album without getting into too much trouble.

News Source: HuffPost

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