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A judge says Lindsay Lohan is in the “home stretch.”   The actress received yet another glowing review at a progress hearing that lasted just a few minutes at an Los Angeles court house Wednesday.  Judge Stephanie Sautner said Lohan just needs to complete 14 more days of community service and five more therapy sessions before her next court hearing on March 29th.

Once those requirements are complete, the judge says Lohan’s Beverly Hills DUI probation case will be formally dismissed.  She will, however, still have to remain on informal probation for the case related to the theft of a pricey necklace at a boutique in Venice, California last year.

Judge Sautner placed Lohan on a strict court-mandated probation after she fell out of compliance with the original terms of her probation last year.  The actress has since received glowing reviews for sticking to the judge’s script which included community service at a local morgue and therapy sessions.  Accompanied by her mother Dina, Lohan arrived at the court house about 20 minutes before her hearing began wearing a green dress, a trench coat and sunglasses.  She left approximately ten minutes after the hearing in a black SUV.