25-year-old Maria Knight of Suffolk, England is a stay-at-home mom. And while she’s at home with her 20-month-old son, she also keeps busy with her hobby-slash-obsession: ENTERING CONTESTS.

–Maria enters every contest she comes across on TV, the radio, the Internet, the store, wherever. She enters more than 100 contests EVERY DAY.

–And, in three years of entering every contest she can find, she’s won . . . $15,800 in cash and prizes. That’s not enough to live on . . . but it’s still pretty cool.

–She’s won kitchen utensils, a TV, a camera, a vacuum, gift cards, DVDs of movies like “Home Alone” and “Kung Fu Panda” . . . and her biggest win, a trip to the “Rum Diary” premiere last November to meet JOHNNY DEPP.

–Maria says her husband is a fan of her contest obsession. Quote, “There’s three of us living off just his one [salary] . . . so the prizes I win let us do things we otherwise couldn’t afford.”


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