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An All-Star in her own right as an NBA divorcee, Vanessa Bryant scored HUGE in her divorce from her cheating hubby, Kobe Bryant. And by huge, I mean “no prenup” huge. $75 million AND three mansions. I mean, thats what he gets for cheating on her not just once, but multiple times.

So please tell me WHY was she caught kissing his cheating self in the tunnel after his Laker vs. Atlanta game on Valentines Day. Was she REALLY that lonely on Single’s Awareness Day that she decided to forgive him for publicly humiliating her multiple times?

Now more photos are surfacing, including one of her waiting outside his lockerroom.

A giant purple diamond might have worked the first time but come on girl, you are making us ladies look bad. I say show a little respect for yourself and  take the money and run! Is it just me, or is forgiving him YET AGAIN like condoning his cheating actions???

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