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First it was Tim Tebow, now it’s this dude named Jeremy Lin who plays for the New York Knicks. If you have not heard the Tebow like rise to fame like Jeremy Lin has had in just a matter of 10 days let me break it down real quick for you.

Jeremy Lin went to Harvard and was an undrafted free agent who played recently in the NBA’s D Leagues. Equivalent of the minors for baseball. Then, through a few other teams Lin found himself on the Knicks who were looking for a backup point guard. The main point guards went down, insert Jeremy Lin. The guy has played like a superstar over the last week and people are hailing him the second coming of Tim Tebow.

But wait, he is Asian American and also a guy that did not have the kind of notoriety that Tebow had. Would he be getting this kind of hype if he wasn’t Asian American? Or wait, would he be getting this kind of hype if he played for the Milwaukee Bucks instead of the New York Knicks?

Either way, whether you are a fan of Linsanity or not the dude has played like a beast over the last week and a half….”To Linfinity and Beyond.” Are the ladies as crazy about Lin Time as they were Tebow time though?

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