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Flo Rida is reportedly being sued by his ex administrative assistant — who has claimed that she worked long hours and he paid her less than a high school babysitter. According to, the woman — named Mahogany Miller has claimed that she started the job back in August — and when she confronted him over the long hours and low wages, she was fired less than 24 hours after raising the issue. She is suing for unspecified damages.FLORIDA RESPONDS TO EX ASSISTANT’S CLAIMS: Flo Rida has responded to lawsuit — telling the site that Miller is delusional and was never officially hired as an employee in Flo Rida’s office. Flo’s attorney Sandy Becher said that Miller was an unpaid volunteers who begged to work for the rap star as a first step into the music business. Becher said that she was unqualified for an official position, but Flo hired her as intern, but occasionally paid her for lunches or gas money, but nothing was ever guaranteed.Becher added that Miller was not fired because she asked for money, but because her “behavior was inappropriate for the workplace environment.” He wouldn’t specify why.Flo told the site, “This is ridiculous that I gave someone an opportunity out of the goodness of my heart and now sadly I am being falsely targeted.”

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