@justmeReka to be honest I didn’t take enough pictures!! I wish I had an eye for that but I was too busy having fun #SB46Memories

I finally understand now who Vince Lombardi was, this is the VL trophy the Colts won a fews years back! (Media Day Party)

I almost cried when I got this, got me into everything!! Wonder if it still works

Media Day #2, I saw Donovan Mcnabb, Jim Irsay, Cam Newton and many other NFL players!

This was at the Super Lounge (Old Borders)

Nails got did just in time for me to wear my Polka-dot Blue and Red skirt!!

I LOVE this outfit!!! I wish I could wear it every day but you would talk about me

Does anyone know who this Football player ^ is? I forgot

Absolutely love this picture, shout out to “Jeannie Casey” for the professional photo!

This here VIP band got me to meet and talk to J.Cole for 30mins!! Sweet as sugar

I mean he looks like a Dear, you know the saying but I look cute and that’s all that matters lol

Media Day #4, right before Madonna came out!

Madonna, she’s tiny!

Ms. Shaun Robinson from Access Hollywood, I call her my cousin!

Myself and Nick Cannon. I feel so badly that he got boo’d but it was funny!

Marc Cuban just walking around at the HDNet invite only party!

Connor cruise did a good job DJ’n at the HDNet invite only party!

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