So all commercials for the game sold out by January 2, 2012, at an average price of $3.5 million per thirty-second ad, by far the highest rate for Super Bowl Advertising in the event’s history. At least one thirty-second advertisement commanded a price of $4 million.

Activist Randall Terry has said he is planning to run an ad featuring graphic photos of aborted fetuses during Super Bowl XLVI. Terry was not allowed to air the ad nationwide, given that the networks have a policy under equal time rules to reject all political and issue related advertising during the Super Bowl. However, he is able, by Federal Election Commission rules, to force up to 35 local stations (those located in states in which the Democratic party primaries are within 45 days of Super Bowl Sunday; Terry entered the primary as a dummy candidate solely for the purpose of this advertisement) to run the advertisement uncensored, regardless of whether it meets Standards and Practices  or Federal Communications Commission guidelines. As of January 2011, Terry has purchased ad time in 11 markets.

An advertisement from Pepsi will feature Melanie Amaro, the winner of season one of the Fox series The X Factor, as the star of the commercial. Other confirmed advertisers include Doritos, GoDaddy, Bridgestone, Volkswagen, General Motors, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Audi, Dannon Yogurt, Century 21 Real Estate, Mars Incorporated, and The Coca-Cola Company, Anheuser-Busch has purchased nine slots during the game.

Source: Wikipedia

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